2018 South's BEST Participating Teams

How do teams advance to South's BEST Championship?

The number of teams from each hub that advance to South’s BEST is based on the percentage of the total number of teams at that hub. Larger hubs (e.g. 32 teams) are allowed to advance more teams than smaller hubs (e.g. 15 teams). A total of 54 teams from 17 hubs advanced to South’s BEST this year. Each hub was allowed to send between 2 and 7 teams to the Championship.

Top finishers (both in Robotics and in the BEST Award) from the local hub competitions advance to the Championship. Teams advance based on the following order of how they placed at their local competition:

  1. BEST Award - First Place
  2. Robotics - First Place
  3. BEST Award - Second Place
  4. Robotics - Second Place
  5. BEST Award - Third Place
  6. etc...

Jubilee BEST

University of South Alabama

Mobile, AL

October 6, 2018

#851 - W.P. Davidson High School
#867 - Faith Academy
#873 - MACH Robotics
#881 - Semmes Middle School
#885 - St. Luke's Episcopal School
#889 - St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School

Northwest Alabama BEST

Northwest-Shoals Community College

Florence, AL

October 6, 2018

#1552 - Brooks High School
#1557 - Covenant Christian School
#1558 - Creekside Technology Academy
#1566 - Phillips High School

Teams Participating in the Regional Invitational Tournament (RIT)

Moulton Middle / Lawrence County High School - Northwest Alabama BEST

Saraland Middle School - Jubilee BEST